MedLife® Care Models

MedLife® understands that health organizations have unique visions, goals, and care delivery processes. MedLife® offers the following population health process improvement models and tools to promote optimal care:

  • MedLife® Population Health Product Suite – overview of the MedLife® models and configurable modules to support optimal population health care.
  • Care Stratification Process – Know your high-risk patients and CMS revenue potential.
  • Patient Engagement Mobile App – Leverages connected devices, connects the individual with their care team, and enables easy management of diseases, medications, nutrition, and exercise.
  • Medical Data Sharing – The app includes patient’s ability for the patient to share their personal medical history or just non-sensitive data with extended care team members, including transitional care members, secondary providers, Home Care Workers, first responders, ED staff, pharmacists, and Family Care Members.
  • Transitional Care – Promotes optimal patient care from anywhere after hospital discharge, in and between skilled nursing facilities, rehab units, assisted living, and patient homes.
  • CMS Managed Care ServicesFacilitates the execution of “RPM” Remote Patient Monitoring and “CCM” Chronic Care management programs.
  • Value-Based Population Health CareFacilitates value-based care for the entire population, from the healthy to high-risk patients.
  • First Responder EMS Appfor First Responders and Emergency Department Providers. 
  • MedLife® Analytics gives healthcare management and care analysts the ability to view and measure patient outcomes, events, and operational efficiency statistics.

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