MedLife® EMS Solutions

MedLifeID® is the only HIPAA-compliant patented patient health management system that allows First Responder’s immediate access to the  patient’s comprehensive, up-to-date information in an emergency.

MedLifeID® can greatly improve Patron safety and the quality of emergency care at Senior Living Communities or major events such as Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events, Conventions, Airports or any event where large groups of people attend.

First Responder Challenges

  • First Responders spend a significant amount of time trying to collect patient health data to help with emergency care in the event of an emergency including medications, Do Not Resuscitate orders, allergies and medical history.
  • First Responders need better tools to streamline processes from a 911 call to immediate care, to ED delivery and reporting.

MedLife® First Responder App Solution

  • MedLifeID® enables First Responders to quickly scan the patient code, identify and see the patient’s most recent medical information.
  • The MedLifeID® First Responder app synchronizes patient’s information with the EMS emergency care software where First Responders can review, edit, and approve in their EMS system.
  • Tedious First Responder data entry time for reporting will be greatly reduced along with the time to get the patient any urgent care they need.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

MedLife® is an effective emergency preparedness and response solution for  better outcomes in the event of a mass causality incident.

Large Population Gatherings

Homeless Population Zones

Music and other Large Festivals

Sports Events

Military Forces


Political Rallys

Immigration Crowds


Global Company Events

Population Disasters









Crashes (Plane, Train, Car, Ship)

EMS Team On-boarding

MedLife® provides an easy-to-use portal to add or import the authorized First Responders and ED staff that will be using the app.  First Responders will receive a welcome letter with their log in credentials and directions on how to download the app on their mobile devices