MedLife® Patient Engagement Mobile App

MedLife®’s Mobile App is an easy-to-use, downloadable mobile solution that incentivizes patients to engage in their health with connected devices, health notifications, and the ability to easily manage their medications, medical conditions, exercise, and nutrition.  MedLife’s patented app solution enables patients to share their medical information with their care team, transitional care providers, field care workers, first responders, ED staff, pharmacists, and families.  Key capabilities include:

  • Coordinated Care with the patient’s care team, transitional care providers, EMS, ER, and Family
  • Patients and care teams can instantly communicate and see medication reminders and health notifications when provider-set thresholds prompt preemptive interventions.
  • Patients engage and manage their medications, can make better nutrition choices, and capture exercise and biometrics to help ensure compliance with their provider’s care plan.
  • The App has an automated and manual process to detect potential drug interactions and record allergies, side effects, and ineffective medications to prevent issues with newly prescribed medications.
  • The fully interoperable app leverages connected health devices to automatically capture and sync patient data with provider portals, the EMS app, and connected EMRs.

Easy Patient On-boarding

MedLife® provides automated tools for health organizations to perform bulk patient uploads, Population Stratification, enroll patients and get them rolling in value-based and CMS care programs using the Patient Engagement App.  The App also provides superior features to a “hub” at significant cost savings.

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