Why Pharmalto?


Pharmalto’s mobile solution engages and empowers the individual in their health and well-being.

“This is the future of medicine”
– Bryan Johnson, MD Internist

medicine, technology and people concept - close up of doctor holding tablet pc with graph on screen

Pharmalto delivers you the necessary tools to better engage and gain more knowledge about your health care and become healthier. The platform gives you the advantage of Telehealth (information sent through the telephone/mobile device) with your OWN DOCTOR.

Doctors connect with patients like never before. Automated screening of important health and wellness information collected by the patient is efficiently delivered to the doctor with the ability to uniquely screen electronic prescriptions for their suitability.

“An individual’s active participation greatly influences their health and wellness and lowers health costs”
-P.Ho, AHA Circulation*

For insurers, employers and organizations, the Pharmalto suite of products provides a unique health and wellness platform. The solution accelerates accountability, increases participation in existing health and wellness programs and promotes higher levels of engagement. In addition, PharmaltoID provides a unique solution to assist emergency personnel in rapidly evaluating the treatment of Pharmalto members.

The ultimate goal is a happier, healthier member whose productivity and wellness are measurably improved.