MedLife® Home Care Worker Model

Field Home Care Workers need automated tools to help manage their rounds, manage the health of their patients, and document treatments with easy access to the patient’s care team.

Health organizations need to ensure that Home Care Workers accurately record their visit times and treatments performed and that patients are receiving care at home in compliance with the patient’s home care plan.

“MedLife®’s Home Care App” enables home care workers to:

  • Setup responsible Patients
    • Use their MedLife® Home Care App to connect with their responsible patients and help populate/verify the patient’s medications, health conditions, goals, favorite foods, favorite planned exercises, and medical history.
    • Ensure patients are set up and know how to use MedLife®’s Patient Engagement App.
    • Are properly connected to provider devices for patient care team monitoring.
  • Conduct Patient Visits
    • Easily log treatment notes with visit dates and times on patients by geographic location.
    • Document treatments performed, planned interventions, and communicate any other care needs with the patient’s care team or extended support resources.
    • Home care workers can utilize all aspects of the patient engagement app for the connected family member, including medication management, nutrition, exercise, and connecting with health devices and care team members.
    • Home Care workers will receive notifications for missed medications and out-of-compliance biometric measures.
    • The configurable app supports health organizations’ standards.

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