MedLife®’s Value-Based Healthcare Solutions

Value-based care has emerged in recent years as an important approach to delivering healthcare that aligns with the best interests of both the patients and medical providers creating a win-win for all healthcare stakeholders.  Value-based care helps drive improved patient outcomes while lowering providers’ healthcare costs.

MedLife®’s Value-Based Healthcare Solutions allow providers to align all constituencies to a common goal, one that engages and motivates patients and the entire care team with a sustainable model for cost-effective and high-quality population healthcare.

MedLife®’s Value-Based Portal enables care teams to easily set personalized patient care thresholds, receive actionable notifications, conduct medication reconciliation, expedite workflow utilizing prioritized care to-do lists, create intervention notes, conduct relevant assessments, track time spent on patients, QA notes written, and use MedLife® Analytics.

MedLife’s Patient Engagement App enables the automated capture of physiological data via connected devices, notifications, medication reminders, communications with their care team, and the ability to easily manage medications, exercise, and nutrition. 

MedLife®’s Analytics gives healthcare management and care analysts the ability to view and measure patient outcomes, events, and operational efficiency statistics.

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