MedLife® Family Care Model

With the aging baby boomer population, many people are looking for easy, affordable, and efficient ways to help manage their parents and other family members who need assistance but are not ready or willing to move to assisted living environments.

MedLife®’s Patient Engagement App enables members to:

  • Connect with their parents and loved ones that need medical health assistance.
  • The member can utilize all aspects of the patient engagement app for the connected family member, including medication management, nutrition, exercise, and connecting with health devices and care team members.
  • The connected member will receive notifications for missed medications and out-of-compliance biometric measures.
  • Members can leverage MedLife’s patented patient data-sharing functions on behalf of their family members.

In addition to patients, authorized family members and home care workers can use MedLife ‘s Mobile app to help manage connected patients’ or family members’ health in their homes or while in transit.

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