MedLife® Transitional Care Solutions

MedLife® has transitional care modules and tools which enable closely monitored patient care in any transitional location. These modules include monitoring options for the primary provider’s team, transitional care team members, secondary providers, field care workers, First Responders, ED providers, pharmacists, and family members.

Patient readmissions constitute a significant healthcare issue. Geriatric patient hospital readmission is 5.6% and 23.2% at 30 and 180 days, respectively. Specifically, the 30-day readmission rate for heart failure is 23%. Missed medications, lack of critical disease monitoring, deficient patient and provider communication, suboptimal nutrition, and lack of exercise can lead to readmission, increased costs, and decreased patient outcomes.

MedLife® Transitional Care Solutions address these common issues. MedLife® will reduce poor patient outcomes and increase revenues through interoperability with the health organization’s connected systems and by leveraging MedLife functionality to complete the continuum of care. MedLife’s transitional modules can be leveraged to ensure a continuum of care based on the health organization’s current systems, processes, goals, and objectives.

  • MedLife® Care Stratification Engine enables care teams to see higher-risk patients and CMS programs where patients can participate.
  • MedLife® Patient Health App enables the automated capture of relevant biometrics through connected devices and the sharing of patient medical information with transitional care providers, field care workers, First Responders, ED staff, pharmacists, and family.
  • MedLifeID® First Responder App gives First Responders quick access to a patient’s up-to-date medical information.
  • MedLife® Provider Portals and EMR Interoperability enables heightened transitional care by connecting providers and care team nurses to up-to-date patient medical information.
  • MedLife® Analytics allows healthcare management and care analysts to view and measure patient outcomes, events, and operational efficiency statistics.

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