MedLife® CMS Managed Care Services

CMS Management Services enable organizations to quickly stratify their patient population, identify high-risk patients, and predict potential fee-for-service revenue reimbursement and the financial impact of value-based population health programs.  CMS management includes CCM, RPM, PCM, TCM, and Behavioral Health services.  These CMS programs have a documented ROI and demonstrate improved health outcomes.

CMS’s CCM and RPM care programs help consolidate care delivery, leading to positive patient outcomes, including:

  • Improved patient outcomes through timely disease detection and medical intervention
  • An enhanced patient experience with tools to engage, educate, and motivate patients
  • Higher patient satisfaction, reduction in ER visits and hospitalizations, decreased costs, and increased revenue
  • Greater patient and provider connectivity, near real-time patient data, and improved patient compliance

MedLife® Care Stratification Engine – stratifies the providers patient population, supports CMS enrollment, and biometric device management with configurable scripts, education, and electronic patient consent.

MedLife® CCM Managed Care Services enable health organizations to comply with CMS’s latest CCM rules and regulations and allow care teams to:

  • Easily set care thresholds
  • Receive actionable notifications
  • Conduct medication reconciliation
  • Expedite care using prioritized nursing care to-do lists
  • Create CCM intervention notes
  • Conduct required relevant assessments
  • Utilize MedLife® Analytics
  • Track care efficiency and quality control of patient care
  • See and respond to QA manager flagged notes
  • Auto-generated recommended CMS billing.

Remote Patient Monitoring programs collect and analyze physiologic data to help care teams remotely track and manage a care plan for a patient’s chronic or acute conditions.

MedLife®’s RPM Services enables care teams to:

  • Set customized biometric thresholds to confirm adherence to treatment plans, confirm efficacy, and detect early deterioration.
  • Easily capture and analyze remote data
  • Track care plans
  • Create RPM intervention notes
  • Track nursing efficiency with robust quality assurance capabilities
  • RPM time on patient
  • RPM assessment surveys
  • Utilize MedLife® Analytics
  • Automated CMS billing support

MedLife® CMS QA Portal enables QA nurse managers to:

  • Work the QA dashboard and QA patient notes by CMS program
  • See, review, comment, and flag nurse team notes prior to monthly billing.

MedLife® Patient Engagement App engages and connects the patient with their care team:

  • Enables the automated capture of physiological data through connected devices
  • Assists in medication management, reconciliation, compliance, and interaction avoidance
  • Tracks exercise and nutrition with optional threshold tracking
  • Facilitates adherence to treatment plans
  • Encourages patient engagement through gamification and challenges

MedLife® CMS Managed Care Services can be configured and utilized by in-house or authorized 3rd party care teams to comply with CMS programs and provide heightened patient care based on the health organization’s current systems, processes, goals, and objectives.

MedLife® Analytics allows healthcare management and care analysts to view and measure patient outcomes, events, and operational efficiency statistics.

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