MedLife® Analytics

MedLife® enables provider organizations, healthcare systems, and payers to expand their quality metrics, gain a competitive advantage by improving outcomes, and achieve financial benefits through increased revenue and cost reduction.  Organizational management and analysts can use the MedLife® Analytics dashboard to view and measure patient outcomes, events, and operational efficiency. 

Event Driven Analytics

The MedLife® Solutions suite tracks all events, including the time on the patient, interventions, medical events, prognoses, and outcomes, to support analytic reporting and forecasting.

Care Team Performance Tracking

The performance statistics of all care team roles, including enrollees, providers, clinical care nurses, QA managers, patient engagement, and first responders, are tracked.

CMS Program Financial Performance

Organization statistics and CMS program revenue projections are available based on the organization’s census.   MedLife® Analytics captures ongoing health program financial performance statistics.

Patient Engagement

MedLife® tracks all patient activities on the app to calculate and report engagement points.  Health organizations can customize the weights of various types of engagement to encourage patients to engage in specific areas of their health, such as medication management, exercise, and nutrition.

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