Pharmalto’s MedLife® Product Suite Overview

MedLife Solutions

Facilitate population health management, including prevention, disease detection, monitoring, Medicare Care Management Services, and streamlined first responder/EMS care.  Patient and provider engagement, connectivity, patient-centricity, and a patient’s ability to share their Personal Health Information are central to these solutions. 

MedLife® understands that health organizations have unique visions, goals, and care delivery processes.  MedLife® offers a variety of health process improvement models and configurable patient care software solutions that:

  • Facilitate Transitional Care from and between hospital discharge, skilled nursing facilities, rehab units, assisted living, and patient homes.
  • Support Value-based Care for the entire population, from the healthy to high-risk patients.
  • Facilitate the execution of CMS Managed Care Services such as RPM Remote Patient Monitoring and CCM Chronic Care management.
  • Enables patient Sharing of Medical Data with extended care team members, including transitional care members, Home Care Workers, secondary providers, first responders, ED staff, pharmacists, and Family Care Members.
  • All MedLife® solutions are fully interoperable connecting patients with their providers, care team members, pharmacists, first responders, and family, EMRs with automated notifications, and direct care team communications. 

MedLife®’s configurable Healthcare Modules include:

MedLife® enables Provider Organizations, Hospital-based Health Care Systems, and Payers to expand their quality metrics, gain a competitive advantage, and achieve financial benefits through increased revenue and cost reduction.

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