Patient-Centric Population Health Solutions

We help you incorporate the right technologies to deliver the most efficient, highest quality care for your patients.

Healthcare spending in the United States is projected to reach $6 trillion by 2027.

Globally in some way or another, we all face the common challenges impacting our healthcare systems; unsustainable increases in costs, an aging population, and increases in chronic diseases. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to improve patient engagement and outcomes. Technology is now a necessity and an inseparable part of healthcare. At MedLife® we work with healthcare providers to develop customized healthcare technology solutions that facilitate seamless communication with patients and doctors, ensures a constant flow of information, improves access to important data and patient outcomes.


Of the United States population accounts for 80% of healthcare expenditure.

Why MedLife®?

We exist because we are passionate about improving population health and are truly committed to value-based patient care. We understand that the right technology, used in the right way can help improve patient outcomes and engagement with their health.

Over the past seven years, our team of health and technology experts have provided consulting services and cutting-edge health system solutions to the healthcare industry.

Our healthcare experts have more than 20 years of experience in developing leading healthcare software solutions.
We have extensive experience with HIPAA regulation, security and health system integration
Our team’s solutions have been successfully audited by state, hospital and provider health organizations

Our Approach

We understand that no two organizations are the same, so we utilize a three-step process when working with healthcare providers so we can really understand your unique operating environment and help you implement the best solutions that are aligned with your needs.

We Listen To You

We take the time to listen and work with you and your team to truly understand what is happening within your organization, your unique operating environment, your goals, and challenges.

We Analyze your Business

We analyze your processes, systems, and team’s abilities. From there, we formulate optimal options and make recommendations so you can choose options that work best for you.

Implement the Optimal Solution

We leverage our expertise to help you choose and implement new and improved, technology, patient care, and revenue models. While helping you update your policies and procedures to get optimal outcomes.

Benefits of Healthcare IT

MedLife® works with a variety of organizations to deliver customized solutions that result in:

Engaged Patients

Improved Communication with Patients

Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Better Access to Patient Data

Consultative Population Health Solutions we have Developed

At MedLife®, we are privileged to partner with visionary organizations to implement digital health solutions. Our goal is to make healthcare sustainable through the management of the entire population’s health. Our solutions instill confidence and trust by enabling individuals to have control, privacy, and ownership of their personal health information.

Patient-Centric Solutions

Our team designs, develops and implements comprehensive personal health solutions designed to proactively support people of all ages and health statuses and provides connectivity to authorized health care providers to improve their lifelong health journeys.  Using these patient-centric solutions, individuals:

  • Have complete control of healthcare provider access to their Personal Health Information within and between organizations and First Responders.
  • Can share their Personal Health Information with family members and caregivers to assist them with their health goals.
  • Have access to a range of education and tools to advance their health literacy, engagement, and self-management of their health.
  • Can connect to a range of health and exercise devices (e.g., Fitbit, iHealth, Apple) to have greater visibility of their overall health.
  • Have access to comprehensive pharmaceutical support, including interaction screens, reminders, medication images, and adherence tracking.
  • Can aggregate the essential components of healthy behaviors and treatment plans, including nutrition, exercise, biometrics, and medications and supplements to confirm compliance and efficacy.
  • Coordinate care among connected family members and caregivers

Health Organization Solutions

We are passionate about delivering tailored solutions to improve and reshape the healthcare sector. We have developed a variety of health process improvement models and integrated patient care software solutions with specialized user interfaces that:

  • Connect health professionals including, pharmacists, first responders, and field care workers, providing greater visibility into a patient’s daily health and receive near-real-time alerts for pre-emptive intervention.
  • Support the entire population from healthy individuals to those with multiple medical problems to minimize negative risk migration.
  • Enable disease detection through the screening and tracking of patient compliance and efficacy of their treatment plan.
  • Provide comprehensive pharmaceutical reconciliation utilizing FDB® and Surescripts® databases, EMR interoperability, and patient-centric features, including interaction screens (on-demand and automated), reminders, medication and supplement input, and compliance tracking.
  • Automate processes to help healthcare professionals correctly execute, document, and comply with Medicare’s Care Management Services.
  • Provide patients with the education and tools to help avoid and manage chronic diseases such as CHF, Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD, Obesity, CKD, and Pulmonary issues.
  • Assist organizations with providing value-based care, improving patient-centricity, and changing care orientation from treatment to prevention, episodic to continuous, and reactive to pre-emptive intervention.

First Responder Connectivity

Our team developed a comprehensive patient emergency ID tag and First Responder solution that enables:

Individuals to:

  • Link specialized medical ID tags to their health information. No personal information is contained on the tag, which can be dissociated from the individual’s account at any time

In emergency situations:

  • First Responders scan the patient’s ID tag and synchronizes the patients data with their electronic medical record systems.
  • First Responders confirms the patient’s information instead of performing data entry, greatly expediting the process of assessment, treatment, and transportation when needed.

Corporate Health and Wellness Solutions

We provide a consultative and tailored implementation of comprehensive health and wellness programs and solutions that can include:

  • Corporate Health Challenges and gamification
  • Activity tracking
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Medication and supplement interactions, reminders, and adherence monitoring.
  • Screening for disease, biometric connectivity, compliance, and efficacy
  • Workout videos
  • Corporate Covid-19 and disease management solutions
  • User-controlled connectivity to a corporate nurse or health coach