The Pharmalto Solution

Pharmalto’s solution creates a continuum of access to your health record. You own and control access to your record in a secure, HIPAA compliant storage platform.

Reminder notifications assist you with following your doctor’s plan for your health and ensure you have the information you need when you need it.

Increased engagement in your health and wellness improves medical treatment outcomes while decreasing medical costs.


Medicine-Vault® is an Android and iPhone app for interactive Health and Wellness management that builds a life-long history of your health in a secure HIPAA compliant cloud. This health record is available 24/7 and is owned by you. You control who can view your information. If you don’t use phone apps, a family member or trusted friend can be connected to your account to help manage it.

Medicine-Vault is so powerful and easy to use providing the ideal, interactive Health and Wellness Program Engagement solution.


  • Creates personal, lifelong health history in a HIPAA compliant cloud including medications, supplements, vaccinations, nutrition, exercise and biometric information
  • Lets you set reminders for taking medications and supplements so you never forget and tracks compliance
  • Records allergies, side effects and ineffective medications to prevent issues with newly prescribed medications
  • Leverages iHealth™ and Fitbit® to automatically populate your health and fitness information Provides
  • Provides on-demand exercise instructional videos from a Certified Personal Trainer plus personal and public challenges
  • Collects exercise and food information (steps, miles, weight, calories, BMI, etc.) to ensure you’re following your diet and health goals
  • Ability to add sub-accounts for minors, seniors and disable members of the family and store everyone’s health history and insurance information
  • Connects your personal health record to YOUR doctor using Pharmalto MedLife for every day Teleheatlh


MedLife® is a web-based application connecting your Medicine-Vault health record to your Healthcare Provider for everyday Telehealth. Only actionable data is presented to your provider to maintain efficiency and facilitate preemptive intervention to improve your health and welfare at a lower cost.

MedLife improves efficiencies for your provider through advanced technology



  • Lets your doctor access your constantly updated Medicine-Vault, HIPAA compliant health cloud with your permission 24/7
  • Allows your doctor to set up the automatic review of new information in your health cloud so that if information you enter is of concern, your doctor is notified immediately
  • Automatically loads your medicine history into your personal health cloud for easy access
  • Daily screening or self-reporting of medication adherence, health sensor, activity and nutritional data presents timely actionable data to provider
  • Connection to your provider improves your health and lets you control which providers have access
  • Sends notifications to provider allowing preemptive intervention to improve your health and welfare, saves them money and avoids hospital readmission


PharmaltoID® is an Android and iPhone app for First Responders linking them to only necessary information in your personal Medicine-Vault health record. The mobile app is easy to use and well-received by First Responders expediting assessment and treatment.



  • Lets First Responders scan your wearable tag to access your Medicine-Vault vital health information in your health cloud including medicines, allergies, health issues, compliance, medical history and emergency contacts
  • Keeps critical information up-to- date and available to First Responders when treating you in an emergency
  • Helps First Responder accelerate assessment and treatment of your health emergency
  • Helps save lives… Keep your tag accessible, wear it as a bracelet, put it on your keychain, keep it with your driver’s license and place with your File of Life Emergency Medical Information