MedLife Connect

MedLife Connect®

The consumer controls the health care provider’s access to their MedLife personal health record through their MedLife app.  The health care provider can receive actionable information so they can reach out and help you when your health gets off track.  This changes health care from episodic to continuous, from reactionary to preventative and enables health management of the entire population.

MedLife Connect is designed to support Medicare’s Chronic Care Mananagment program.  This solution assists in the identification of appropriate medical conditions and provides the appropriate documentation and time tracking tools for program compliance.

MedLife Connect Plus includes call care centers for turnkey Chronic Care Management programs and fall detection sensors.  Customizable automated patient outreach with branching logic that yields actionable information are also available. Automated patient outreach has been shown to be very effective in reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations during chemotherapy.