American Heart Association’s (AHA) annual Heart Ball


Dr. Charles Neagle III, Orthopedic Surgeon at Ortho Texas and President/Founder of Pharmalto recently attended the American Heart Association’s (AHA) annual Heart Ball. The annual event is a celebration of AHA’s efforts and mission to improve and save lives. They honor donors and volunteers that have helped with their mission. The Heart Ball is a festive occasion bringing philanthropic leaders and people together to raise money for research and heart disease prevention.

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) for Collin County’s 2016 American Heart Association Heart Ball, Dr. Neagle participated in fundraising and Pharmalto sponsored a Heart Table at the well-attended event. Each year the ELT searches for the “Open Your Heart Hero” to inspire the community, promote heart disease awareness and underscore the importance of AHA’s mission.

Aerin Thomas was the 2016 Collin County “Open Your Heart Hero”. Using the skills she learned during a Physical Education CPR course at Cobb Middle School, she was able to help save her father after a cardiac arrest. Dr. Neagle was honored to meet Aerin and her parents at the ball and hear their personal perspectives about their incredible journey made possible by the educational efforts of the AHA.

Dr. Neagle’s passion for helping people better engage in their health and well-being was the very reason he created and designed Pharmalto Mobile Health Engagement TM solution. Stories like the Thomas family inspire Dr. Neagle and the Pharmalto team to reach out to individuals in hopes of getting people to better engage in their health and wellness; monitor their diet, exercise and medical conditions; connect to their healthcare providers for improved health and preventative care; and connect to First Responders for faster assessment and care in emergency situations.